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App Development

Development of a Mobile App is a powerful Business strategy for exceeding consumer expectations, growing your business and gaining new clients

Mobile apps assist in maintaining the cutting edge of new technology, enhancing customer connections, and fostering brand loyalty for your company. Users that are tech-savvy are looking for quick and simple solutions to conduct anything from shopping to banking on their phones. The most effective approach to reach this prospective market is through mobile apps. Give yourself access to the power of advanced web frameworks, architectural workflows, and development tools. Agile cross-functional teams will create and deploy your system in the quickest possible time, while our architects and tech leaders will select the best combination of technologies based on your business needs, project goals, and timetables.

Acquire our ten years of expertise developing mobile applications to produce fluid mobile experiences that your consumers will love and return to repeatedly. 

Development of Custom Web Apps

Build and expand user-centric web apps with ease while concentrating intensely on your company’s objectives. We are here to assist you, whether you are just getting started and need a talented, committed team to get things going or you are halfway through and need a few carefully chosen professionals to pump up the pace. With tried-and-true web app development services, hasten the beginning and development of your project.

Web applications with a high load

Our primary area of expertise is the creation of high-load web apps with complicated frontends and scalable architecture. From conception through delivery and support, we provide end-to-end services for developing web applications.

Personalised web portals

Connect with your clients, customers, and staff via accessible, secure online portals. We will design, create, and integrate a feature-rich web portal into your operations based on the specifications you provide.

Web design using UX/UI

With the help of cutting-edge frontend technology and user-centered design best practises, our UX/UI professionals will build engaging and simple user interfaces for your clients and consumers.

Modernizing portals

Improve your online system’s performance and dependability with a risk-free modernisation project. We will assist you in separating the monolithic microservices architecture from it and in scaling your programme utilising the most recent frameworks and API approach.

Development of Custom Mobile Applications

You need a group of mobile app designers who will delve deeply into your company’s environment and your target market. Who will investigate the demands and journeys of your clients via analysis. They will create a plan that is genuinely tailored to your business and maximise the benefits of mobile technology. This is, after all, the main focus of developing bespoke mobile applications.

You are at the correct spot if this is familiar to you. Since more than a decade, our UX/UI designers and engineers have provided application development services that are specifically suited to the needs and objectives of our customers, resulting in eye-catching apps for millions of mobile users. The development of your mobile apps may now be sped up by using this experience.

What Can We Do

With time-tested bespoke mobile app development services, you may start or accelerate your project. Our professionals handle the whole mobile app development life cycle, including business analysis, UX/UI design, and development of your mobile application from concept to launch, as well as integration of the new product into your infrastructure and on-demand optimization and scaling.

  • We create mobile applications for many platforms by leveraging cutting-edge technology and tried-and-true methodologies.
  • We provide the following smart phone app development services:
  • Contemporary user interfaces, clever algorithms, and cutting-edge technology
  • Native mobile apps for Android and iOS are created.
  • React Native and Flutter-based mobile application development

Inflatus Technologies for the Development of Professional Web Applications

Our almost no, only can approach itself is the reason why clients trust us with their products and objectives for digital transformation

With a strong team of senior and lead engineers on staff and a track record of successfully completing web projects, Inflatus Technologies is an established bespoke web application development firm. Our design and engineering experts work on scalable SaaS projects, data-intensive apps, contemporary frontend and backend architecture and complicated user interfaces serving across key areas, including healthtech, agriculture, education, retail, logistics, energy, and sports, we collaborate with progressive businesses, quickly expanding startups and revolutionary tech organisations.

Experienced Process

Our clients like the clear agile methodology, openness, and excellent communication methods we use right away.

Prioritize Business

To ensure that your software not only functions but also aids you in achieving your goals, we maintain a constant focus on your company objectives.

Diversity and Speed

As your product expands and demands quick reaction to changes, put together a multi-skilled workforce and ramp up or down on demand.

Technical Perfection

The foundation of our work ethic and the guiding principles of our culture are technical excellence, clean code, and pixel-perfect design.

10 Years Of Deliveries

We assist our customer’s growth by working with them to future-proof their companies, utilising latest frameworks and cloud-native technologies.


If you’re seeking for a reputable Android app development company that can assist your organization through using mobile technology and reaching out to consumers and clients upon the most popular devices. For both B2C and B2B industries, Inflatus Technologies is a talented and adaptable mobile development company that creates exceptional Android apps. Our products assist businesses in reaching millions of Android users, developing new revenue streams, and differentiating themselves from the competition. Let’s discover whether our expertise in developing Android mobile applications is a fit for your requirements. 

What We Offer

We offer full-cycle Android app development services, including business analysis, design, programming, testing, and Google Play Store launch. Inflatus Technologies is perhaps the only technology company you’ll need, whether you need to design and create a whole new app for a smartphone or tablet, redesign and upgrade an already-existing one, or switch your mobile solution from iOS to Android. Our offerings consist of Development of bespoke Android apps, Designing UX/UI for Android, Redesign and expansion of an Android app etc.

Versatile Android App Development

As a customer, you anticipate working in an open, cooperative atmosphere and following the steady development of your project in instantaneously. We create Android apps using an iterative approach, making care to keep you informed at each stage of the process. We progress together from one phase to the next, revision to revision. In this approach, your Android app develops in accordance with your concepts and professional objectives as well as those of the quickly changing market and user needs.


Get the appropriate feature set to gain user attention and adapt your company concept for mobile use.

Craft for UX/UI

We construct engaging experiences for every device by relying on the best standards of Android development design.


You receive the best tech stack, top-notch code, and prompt delivery with our Android development services.


To improve and expand your mobile product, test it on actual devices and analyse performance statistics.

OUR Application Architectures

Our Android app developers are proactively at the forefront of technology. We work with our clients to make the most of the platform’s features and provide streamlined experiences across all Android devices. With Inflatus Technologies, you can be confident that your Android app will be developed taking current design trends and Google best practises into account. For a unique combination of technology that will result in a beautiful and useful system, our experts will put together, Your programme will be notable for its constant performance and speed, secure data transfer, and efficient memory utilisation since it is both lightweight and powerful.

15 Reasons Why You should Create a Mobile App for Business


Do you want to reach the more than a billion people who use Apple products? If so, you should look for an iPhone application development business. Well You will find the team you’re looking for at Inflatus Technologies. We have created dozens of apps for various Apple devices throughout the course of the past ten years of bespoke iOS app development. Many of them became new profit centres, while others received significant design prizes. Additionally, every one of our items has left a lasting impression on the marketplace and assisted in exceeding the objectives set by our customers. Take a look at what we can achieve for you.

What Provide

For Apple’s line of smartphones and tablets, we provide iOS application development. Inflatus Technologies is the partner you need if you’re seeking for professionals to transform your business idea into a useful iOS application, to design an elegant interface and seamless user experience, to provide high-end coding, or if you require full-cycle iOS development services.

With more than a decade of mobile development expertise, we’ve had the opportunity to design and create iOS apps for various markets and verticals.

Agile iOS app development

When you work with Inflatus Technologies, you’ll always be in the loop—from gathering requirements through supporting and launching the finished product. We use agile process while creating apps for iPhone or iPad. It enables us to retain process transparency, keep clients informed, include teams from both ends in product development, and ensure that your iOS app matches your company goals and takes into account shifting market realities and user demands.

Game Plan And Consulting

Let’s begin by developing your company notion into a genuine and workable concept for a product that will appeal to customers and the general public.

Concept And Design

In accordance with the most recent market trends and user expectations, we offer iOS app design services and create seamless experiences.


When you work with our architects, engineers, and managers, you receive high-quality code, prompt delivery, and a positive App Store rating.

Enhancement and Quality

In order to suggest enhancements, optimization, and scale-up, we evaluate your product using real environments and devices and actual usage data.

Our Development Architectures

Inflatus Technologies might be your one-stop solution provider if you’re seeking for a qualified team to create applications for smart iOS devices like the iPhone and iPads. Our engineers and designers are continually aware of the most recent Apple specifications and updates to the iOS features.

We stay current with innovations, cutting-edge technology, and fashion trends. To create our apps, we nevertheless only use the most dependable and effective tools. Utilizing our iPhone application development services, you can be certain that your product is constructed on the best tech stack, ensuring consistency, data security, and superior performance for your app.

Development of Flexible Mobile Apps

When you work with an experienced mobile app developer, the outcomes are predictable. We use a proactive approach and an agile methodology to ensure that your time and money are maximised at every stage of development and that you receive a digital product that meets and even exceeds your expectations.

Initiative & Advisory

We prioritise technology and innovation counselling as well as in-depth market insight to develop a successful mobile plan for your business.

Design Of UI/UX

With our assistance, you will obtain user-focused digital tools and omnichannel experiences that fully suit the demands of your clients as well as your company objectives.

Quality Management

We integrate new goods into your digital infrastructure, ensure quality, and use performance data to optimise future operations.

Delivery And Technology

We use an adaptive strategy to create future-proof digital products, handle changing needs fast, and deliver on time and on budget.

Partnership Models


Whether you want to create a new mobile application or remodel an existing one, we can assist you in forming the project plan with your business objectives, technological capabilities, and market realities in mind.

Extensive Cycle Development

We provide a variety of mobile application development services, such as creating cross-platform apps, developing bespoke mobile apps for iOS or Android, designing user interfaces, and incorporating cutting-edge mobile interfaces like chat and voice.

Poc and MVP

We can assist if you are seeking for a qualified mobile app development service provider at the concept stage of your project. We provide quick start-up to create an MVP, assist you in testing your idea in a real-world setting, and maximise your investment in growing to mobile.

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