Professional Email

Why A Professional Email Address Is Important for Business ?

Professional Email

Maintaining contact with regular clients and new consumers who have shown interest in your business is easy with the help of a professional email


Let us give your company a professional facelift with email@yourbrand.com, For your business, use our secure professional email services. For small to medium-sized enterprises, emails are still the major source of new client acquisition and retention. Emails continue to be just as important as they ever were, despite the fact that social media is thriving with its likes, comments, tweets, and shares.

Because organisations must send and receive hundreds of emails every day, handling them is a difficult undertaking. Furthermore, your business emails include your company’s domain name, which helps to enhance your legitimacy. As a result, firms should outsource email hosting to specialists. So, when a customer receives your email with your company name on it, they may search for your organisation to learn more about your products or services that may pique their interest.


Advantages of Professional Email hosting over Free Email

Choose the right certificate type depending on the level of security you want to offer visitors

Free services may make businesses appear unprofessional. As a result, it can cause individuals to question the reliability of your business. Some individuals mistakenly believe that you are not serious about running your firm, while others might believe that it won’t last. Your company has a decent probability of getting exposed to cybercriminals.

Thus, it is wise to pay for and select a reputable hosting service rather than using free email services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and others for your business. A little financial commitment to business email hosting might shield your company from these unfavourable opinions and aid in building a reputation for reliability and legitimacy. By defending their interests, you are benefiting both your company and your clients.

1. Develops Trust

Using an anonymous identity won’t get you the results you desire if you want your clients to respect your brand. Nowadays, getting a free email account is a no-brainer, and if your company wants to be taken seriously, you need to distinguish apart from the competition.

Your consumers will be able to trust your company more after receiving a business email, which is the first step in running a successful company. Even with a small staff, you may provide a diverse image of your company by using several email addresses for billing, sales, marketing, and support.

2. Presents a professional image

Someone made a valid point. The saying “initial impressions last” applies here. When it comes to business, it is valid. You communicate with your client mostly through email. To advance your business, you must establish that connection as soon as your prospect or client reads the email.

Having a business email helps your brand appear more professional to your target audience, giving you a competitive edge over the competition.

3. Secures Sensitive Business Information

Free email hosting services are frequently the subject of virus assaults, making them vulnerable to spam and targeted advertising. They are missing the crucial security precautions required to safeguard user interests. You also don’t have complete control over your emails.

If you own a business, you must protect both your interests and those of your clients, as well as their personal information. In order to avoid putting your company at risk, you should avoid utilising free email services.

4. Prevents Your Emails from Being Filtered as Spam

Free emails are an easy target for spam and malware. Using free emails might hurt your business if you rely on email marketing to increase sales. It’s possible that your sent emails will seem as spam. Therefore, all of your efforts would be for nothing if your clients failed to check their spam folders.

However, if you use professional email hosting, it prevents your emails from being returned or placed in spam folders. As a result, you may continue to take advantage of the perks and enjoy communicating with your consumers via emails.

5. Safety and Privacy

Free email services have a high propensity to go down, shut down suddenly, or even get hacked. Without any backups, this might have a negative impact on your company by making it more difficult to recover crucial business data. Your customers’ and prospects’ private information as well as crucial correspondence is lost.

6. Branding

By promoting your company name, professional email helps your organisation build a strong brand identity. By simply glancing at the name, consumers can determine the reliability of your brand.

New and inventive features in email are helping you interact with your consumers and prospects in an effective manner. Business emails enhance your brand’s visibility while also giving your company a professional touch. With the help of Inflatus Technologies’ email hosting services, you can handle your emails with ease, safeguard your data, and win the trust of your clients.

What makes us different

Host your company email with us and enjoy a safe, encrypted, privacy-guaranteed and ad-free email service


By adding an extra layer of security against unwanted access, safeguarding the email’s content, and supporting digital signatures, Inflatus Technologies guarantees secure email. To eliminate any possibility, data is encrypted both at rest and while in transit.

S/MIME, TLS Indicator, encryption in transport, and encryption at rest etc.

Institutional safety

To firmly safeguard and preserve customer data’s confidentiality, we use thorough organisational security policies and processes. Along with having specialised compliance, security, and privacy teams, we also thoroughly examine the backgrounds of all of our workers and provide them with training in these and other related topics.

Email threat defence

With an extensive collection of administrative tools that help you safeguard your organization’s data from phishing, malware, and other advanced threats, Inflatus Technologies confirms its worth as a secure email provider. Rest assured that your information is secure with us, as it is protected by several safeguards. Protection against spam, viruses, malware, and phishing Advanced threat defence, Administrative controls, email policies etc.

Safe conversations

Inflatus Technologies is continually working to provide you with a safe email experience. Keeping your data secure has always been a priority. What’s yours stays yours with the best practices in privacy, email security, and compliance.

Safe Access to Email

Your emails are solely for you to see. Inflatus Technologies has made sure that your email account may be accessed securely on all of your devices, ensuring that things stay that way. Unauthorized individuals are prevented from entering by the solid identification and access control system.

Physical Safety

We guarantee 99% uptime in order to provide our clients with best-in-class secure email. We use tight access control and monitoring mechanisms to protect your sensitive information and increase security.

Why Your Business Needs A Professional Email ?

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