Domain Registration

Why every business should own a domain name?

Easier for customers to find you 
Look more legitimate
Take control of your Online Presence
Have an authoritative email address 

Domain Registration

Domain name establishes an unique identity to your website and represent your brand

A domain is created on a network when several computers and other devices are managed as a single entity with a set of shared policies and procedures linked to them. These domains are identified by an IP address, and any devices that share a similar portion of an IP address are regarded as belonging to the same domain. In essence, a domain is a Website’s physical address. It comprises a collection of computers that can be accessed and managed according to a standard set of guidelines. It generally refers to a specific, separate portion of the Internet where a common suffix is shared by some addresses or is controlled by a specific business or person.

The Best Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Your website’s domain name serves as its public face. The importance of having a decent domain name from the perspective of your website can thus not be overstated. Although there is no such thing as the perfect domain name or the ideal domain name, a good domain often has the following highlighted qualities.

  • It has to be brief. The length and clarity of a good domain name are crucial. This is mostly due to the fact that a shorter name is always simpler to recall and has a higher recall value. A domain name should ideally have fewer than 10 letters. The shorter domain extensions like.com and.in have previously been eliminated for the same reason.
  • The vast majority of internet users just memorise the domain names of their favourite websites and contact them as needed. Therefore, an easy-to-remember domain name is necessary for a good domain name. A number of visitors may leave your site, which would be a significant loss if your domain name were too complicated or difficult to remember. An enormous benefit is having domain names that are simple to remember as they aid in domain name lookup.
  • It must be simple to spell and understand. Websites frequently select tough words in general, unusual word combinations, and foreign words. If a visitor is unable to reach you, this may result in visitor loss. It is the last thing you want if a visitor leaves because they typed in your domain name incorrectly.
  • It must capture the spirit of both your identity and your website. When users are conducting searches on search engines, they stumble into your website. If your domain name clarifies and provides details about what your website is about, they will only choose to enter it. Consequently, having a descriptive domain name will guarantee you more traffic while also enhancing your SEO rankings.
  • No digits or hyphens are allowed in a decent domain name. Generally speaking, hyphenated or numeric domain names are less expensive. Such domain names may cause misunderstanding, which may cause you to lose website visits.
  • A strong domain name may be branded. This implies that it has a catchy pronunciation and an intriguing letter combination that will make it easier for visitors to recognise and relate to your website’s message and content.

Domain Services Provided by inflatus Technologies

Your website's domain name is its unique web address

A significant asset for an internet business, domain names have been hailed as one of the finest methods for entrepreneurs and small business owners to generate income. It is less riskier than other strategies like investing in stocks or buying real estate, and they offer a simple approach to develop a brand and a web presence for any type of company.

Cost-effective Domain Registration

The identity of your company is expressed in its domain name. Spend some time and effort into it before deciding on a certain domain name for your company. With Inflatus Technologies, you may have a fully featured experience by registering your domain name.

Domain Redirection and Masking

Send visitors to your website using any domain name you own. Anyone who enters that domain name into their browser is sent to your website immediately. Protect your domain using domain lock to reduce the danger of hijacking. Domain locking prevents unintentional or deliberate changes of domain ownership and prevents nameserver redirects.

who.is Privacy is included

You do not need to supply any personal information for our domain privacy service provider for it to operate. We will hold onto any information you give Inflatus Technologies. Your contact information is concealed by the service, and your genuine email address is replaced with a different, anonymous one that you may change whenever you choose.

Registration Modification

You may always update the contacts for your domain name or assign your domain name to someone else online.

Status Updates

Check the status of your domain and receive prompt alerts if anything changes.

Modern DNS Management

From a single control panel, you can manage your email, FTP, sub-domains, and website location in addition to managing your domain nameserver (DNS) records.

Auto Renew Security

You don’t have to keep track of expiration dates to renew on time. Your domains, hosting, website builders, and other items remain in your name and under your control thanks to auto renew.

Reserve Premium Domains

Premium domain names are often extremely short and memorable and utilise one of the more well-known extensions, like.com or one of the new gTLDs, like.guruor.app.

Pick Domain TLDs by your Occupation (like .photo, .music etc)

Just like picking the other parts of your domain name, choosing the proper TLD is crucial. In order to win over your target market’s confidence and make an impression, you require the greatest alternative for your industry.

An intuitive Control Panel

Our domain control panel is an online interface that lets a domain registration holder administer the domain that is registered under their name. This control panel allows you to manage your registered domain’s name servers, contacts, and password. You may control how your domain is renewed as well.

Multiple-year Registration

You might wish to preserve a domain name forever if you are successful in obtaining one that you really like. Sadly, there is no way to renew a domain indefinitely. The typical restriction for domain names, like.COM, is ten years, although there may be other domain names with various limits.

A website's Domain Name is Crucial


A domain name gives your website legitimacy and makes it appear real and professional, which is something that a generic URL could never accomplish. Your website’s reputation is increased and its validity is ensured by a registered domain name.


Purchasing a website domain gives your online presence more mobility by allowing you to switch and move your various web hosts. You will need to choose a new URL altogether if you haven’t bought a domain name, which may completely undo the branding that your prior address had already accomplished.

Brand Development

Purchasing a domain name aids in website development and branding, improving the name recognition of your website.

Benefits of Registering a Domain for your Business

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