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Live Streaming

Everywhere, Anytime Live Streaming & Web Casting Company

Web-based live video streaming and browser-based video conferencing are two services offered by Inflatus Technologies. Our live streaming service on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram enables limitless social reach and real-time audience interaction. Our group of computer specialists is devoted and knowledgeable. We offer high-quality, cost-efficient solutions. We often go above and above the standards of excellence set out by our clients and consumers. Among other things, we provide live streaming services for parties, business gatherings, and weddings or marriages.

Inflatus provides live streaming professional-grade service for streaming media to audiences of any size on any device—from an encoder, reaching global audiences with high-quality, custom-branded videos— with no additional infrastructure. Our solutions are designed to support video streaming platform needs for multi-format (Android, Windows, iOS etc.) and multi-device (Tablets, PC or smartphones etc.) uni/multicast streams with multiple capabilities of formats and video players. We are one of the leading live streaming services providers in India. At Inflatus, we provide the best in class media streaming solutions to streamline your content. We have highly skilled professionals to help you with managing your content and distribution workflow. Moreover, We have the expertise to broadcast your content live to the desired audience globally.

Live streaming services are available on multiple platforms where you can stream/webcast your events live all around the globe. Also, we make sure to stream in high quality for a splendid experience.

We Provide Smooth Live Streaming

With a combination of creativity and technology, we at Inflatus Technologies provide full HD quality live streaming solutions that will allow you to engage a global audience with your event, webinar, conference, or momentous occasions like a wedding. From your own website to social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, or Linkedin, you may choose the platform to live stream your event.

A Memorable Event Experience is What We Create.

By providing practical & immersive features, Inflatus Technologies excels in transforming virtual experiences. These features let you easily host the most effective in-person events, virtual events, hybrid events, webinars, live streaming services, and webcasting.

Make, Link & Communicate

Let us host your live webinars that are very engaging and educational. With the help of our best webinar services and solutions available, you can quickly conceptualise webinars to unleash the entire power of your company and accomplish the desired goal.

With Inflatus, you can host the best hybrid event possible since we have access to the most engaging features available. We have everything you need, whether it’s engagement, design, customization, networking, real-time support, etc.

Easily increase your reach by hosting a fascinating Livestream on YouTube. Utilize the different capabilities that Inflatus Technologies has to offer and expand your audience.

You may stream an interactive live session on Facebook, one of the most well-known social media sites, thanks to Inflatus Technologies. Improve your web presence without any hassle.

You can quickly organise an enticing Instagram live broadcast with our vast experience. Increase your web presence to draw in more customers without any hassles.

By presenting compelling On-Demand live streaming, you can instantly improve attendee interaction using Inflatus Technologies. You may use a range of tools and pieces of equipment on your live streaming platform to create the ideal setting for your target audience.

We don’t require extra platforms to host an IP-based Live Stream. Create the ideal online session by selecting features from our all-in-one platform.

You may simply host interactive, two-way live broadcasts and plan events like video conferences at your workplace with us.

Our live video monitoring and surveillance encompasses anything from medical gadgets to smart traffic infrastructure, depends on the transmission of high-quality footage which meets all of these demands and more with security and low latency

Fascinating Reasons of Inflatus's Live Streaming Services

Best live streaming services, hybrid event platform and virtual events provided by Inflatus Technologies

The greatest digital event platform, provided by Inflatus Technologies, enables businesses to plan and host hybrid and virtual events in stunning environments. To organise any sort of event successfully, Inflatus Technologies is regarded as the most knowledgeable and secure virtual event platform. As one of the most reputable virtual and hybrid event firms in India, we guarantee to provide complete customised as well as do-it-yourself event solutions globally.

You can easily reach a large section of the worldwide audience thanks to the networking and great interaction capabilities on our highly secure virtual event platform. We at Inflatus Technologies assist you in hosting online conferences, trade fairs, exhibits, expos, product demonstrations, and other events in a protected online setting. The platform’s engaging characteristics enable it to provide virtual attendees with immersive event experiences that are on par with those of in-person guests.

Inflatus Technologies provides webcasting, live streaming, and webinar solutions in high HD, in addition to providing virtual event technology solutions. With years of expertise in their respective fields, our team of professionals is highly qualified.

The reliable webcasting, broadcasting, and live streaming service offered by Inflatus Technologies has earned the confidence of international organisations for more than ten years. Our in-house team of professionals runs the live streaming feature of our platform totally. You may delegate all of the duty to us and we’ll make sure it’s carried out without a hitch by working with our live streaming services.

Inflatus Technologies is a leader in live streaming solutions. Whether you’re a well-established business looking to replace outdated CCTV systems with future-proof infrastructure or a budding tech startup committed to pushing the boundaries of IoT, we have the live streaming solution for you. Any product or service may incorporate our full-service platform’s dependable and expandable IP video capabilities.

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The Ultimate Live Streaming Checklist

With our wide range of services, Inflatus Technologies is the premier one-stop shop in the globe for altering virtual experiences. Our goal is to give you the ability to hold any event digitally while providing the best services available and assisting you in establishing relationships across the world.

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