SMS Text Messaging for your Business can help to

Increase customer retention
Develop Greater Brand Loyalty
Provide Immediate Communication
Attract New Customers
Increase Overall Sales
Provide a Profitable ROI

It’s efficient, simple to set up, use and has an almost immediate impact on responses and sales opportunities.

Bulk SMS Service - Affordable Pricing

Social Media Optimization in India

Provider of Bulk SMS Services for Businesses Instantaneously send Bulk SMS updates to thousands of clients. The most cost-effective way to send promotional, transactional, and OTP SMSes in India using Inflatus’s Bulk SMS Services.

Bulk SMS Service: What Is It?

A bulk SMS service enables companies to quickly deliver messages to thousands of clients. Simply enter the message, upload the target customer list, and press “Send.”

Message broadcasting, as it was once known, is comparable to bulk SMS services. But this is only capable of handling a little bit more. You may plan SMS campaigns, automate SMSes using our SMS API, and modify the sender ID when utilising a bulk SMS gateway to increase brand recognition.

Receive prompt and consistent message delivery each time. Businesses may use smart real-time analytics to inform important organisational choices by using data on delivery rates, delivery failures, and causes for delivery failures.

12 Benefits of using SMS for Business

Marketing via Bulk SMS

Easy-to-use tools for texting that are quite powerful! You may easily and amusingly get started with Inflatus.in. By utilising the power of our messaging technology, which makes enterprise and mass texting extremely effective, enjoyable, and simple, we enable you to instantly connect with millions of prospects. The ability to plan and deliver tailored messages in the regions of your choosing has become very practical, enabling clients to establish SMS marketing campaigns with a vigour that ensures revenue growth that is exponential. There is an easy way to see the click report for every text-forward link.

Monitor campaign metrics

Remove any uncertainty from your SMS marketing initiatives! Get detailed click statistics for each link given by SMS. Get in touch with Inflatus Technologies Pvt Ltd to find the top bulk SMS service providers in India.

Outstanding customer service

Best-in-class delivery rates, extremely low latencies, and round-the-clock support for your messages are ensured by our direct partnerships with several telecom providers, efficient SMS gateway routing, and solid infrastructure. The ROI we provide for them is attested to by our clients!

Unparalleled Delivery Speed & Rates

Best-in-class delivery rates, extremely low latencies, and round-the-clock support for your messages are ensured by our direct partnerships with several telecom providers, efficient SMS gateway routing, and solid infrastructure. The ROI we provide for them is attested to by our clients!

Redefining Bulk SMS

In only a few seconds, reach millions. Regional language messages and customised texts are easily scheduled and sent. Indian companies that offer prompt and trustworthy bulk SMS services.

Connect SMS APIs

Software and web developers may connect any application with Textlocal thanks to our straightforward APIs.

Acquire SMS

By just texting into your short/long codes, you can quickly connect with your consumers and provide them with information.

SMS marketing for advertising

Promotional SMS is often used to deliver any offers or promotions to both new and current clients and is configured by default for all new accounts. Messages are only delivered between the hours of 9am and 9pm to opt-in and non-DND lines. Looking for promotional bulk SMS marketing in India? Give us a call!

Commercial SMS Marketing

You may send any business SMS without fuss by allowing us to setup free promotional and transactional SMS routes for you. Inflatus guarantees best-in-class SMS delivery rates for both bulk SMS and SMS alerts thanks to its platinum telecom alliance and clever routing technology.

True Real-Time Reports

You may follow the progress of each SMS sent with our real-time reports that are accurate. Beware of cheap bulk SMS service companies who offer phoney delivery confirmations for incredibly low costs and sacrifice quality.

Commercial Transactional SMS

Using the transactional route will only allow you to send your registered customers transactional SMS, including OTPs and Alarms. Your personal Sender ID allows you to send messages whenever you want. We at Inflatus Technologies setup a transactional route for the best Transactional SMS marketing in India.

Enterprise Messaging Solution is what we provide as a Bulk SMS provider

Sending promotional, marketing, OTP, bulk SMS, voice OTP API, and API SMS is made simple with our platform.

Bulk SMS

Through promotional SMS to your target clients, you may raise awareness about the live offer. We provide you a generous Bulk-SMS service, regardless of whether your promotion’s goal is to build brand loyalty or raise awareness.


Your consumer will receive an OTP within 8 seconds of completing their action. We respect your choice in authentication method, hence we provide enterprise-grade OTP services. We promote dependability since OTP is the second line of defence against financial fraud.

Transactional SMS

You may use SMS to provide important information to all of your clients at any number. The Sender ID will include your company name. You may incorporate the Bulk SMS API under our Transactional SMS service.

Vocal SMS and OBD

Customers can receive bulk voice SMS messages that are 30 seconds or less long. Since voice calls are entirely automated, no operators or dialers are required to handle the calls.

SMS shortcode

Short codes are used for a variety of activities, including purchasing material, interacting with a help menu, voting on TV shows, listening to mobile radio, and many others. Short Codes are used to generate income by TV networks, VAS service providers, and telecom carriers.

Time Limitation

From 9 am to 9 pm, promotional SMS are distributed. Utilize our platform to send offers and marketing messages and gain immediate deliverability.

Several Routes

Your promotional bulk SMS service will be transmitted using our smart routing across several network routes with the least amount of bandwidth.

Send SMS in the Future

Your SMS text messages can be set to be sent at a specific time and date up to a year in the future.

SMS Transmission to Non-DND Numbers

All NON-DND numbers are sent promotional SMS messages. Marketing messages and promotional offers are sent through promotional SMS.

Long Code and Two-Way Messaging

Whether you want to run online polls or require bulk SMS for competitions, long code is the ideal answer. Receive SMS through long code on your 10 digit phone number.

Regional Language

 You may send bulk SMS messages in regional and national languages like hindi, gujrati, urdu, tamil, and telugu by using the unicode option.

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