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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an inbound marketing technique that aims to increase the amount and quality of visitors via organic search results. In other words, it is a strategy that assists businesses in improving the performance of their websites in organic search results. The ultimate goal of SEO services is to get your website on the first page of search engine results by adhering to the search engine algorithm. You must not only reach your intended consumer base with SEO Services, but you must also increase your possibilities of gaining new customers on a regular basis to support your business’s growth.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a collection of strategies aimed to increase a website’s accessibility and positioning in organic search results. These SEO methods include On Page, Off Page, Technical, Mobile, Content, and others. Simply said, Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website so that it ranks high on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. When someone searches for a term or phrase related to your website, this will assist your audience find your website on search engines. Our in-house professionals develop the full SEO plan as well as implement it for you to help your website rank higher in search engines.

Our in-house SEO professionals work tirelessly to improve our clients’ search engine rankings. We have a team of highly qualified SEO specialists that will put your vision into action by ranking your website for the most important keywords to your business. We try to produce outcomes that are in line with your company objectives, saving you time and effort.

What could be the reason for the decrease of my rankings in Google?

Accordion ContentThere are many reasons associated with the decrease in the ranking of your website on Google. The reasons are listed below:-

  • Lost links.
  • Changes in search engine algorithms.
  • Due to competitors website.
  • Due to the speed of the page.
  • Quality of relationships.
  • Server issues.
  • Changes in CTR (click through rate).
  • Common technical issue.
  • Changes in the site or due to redesigning.
  • Internal navigation.
  • Due to Meta information.
  • Server overload.
  • Traffic sources can be the reason.
  • Content duplicity. The list goes on. There are many other reasons like these can be responsible for the decrease in ranking of your website in search engine. SEO professionals can help you sort the issue effectively.

Why my website is not in the on the first page of Google search?

There are various reasons for your website not being on the first page of Google Search. Some of them are listed below.

  • Highly competitive keywords – When your site uses highly competitive keywords, your competitors might also be using them. These keywords prevent you from being on the first page. Using less competitive keywords can help you be in first.
  • Using unpaid Advertising – Paid advertisements are the ones displayed on the first page.
  • Inactive on Social Media – Being less active on social media can also deprive you of being on the first page.
  • Poor review – Poor reviews can make you a backbencher.
  • Irrelevant Content – Giving mismatching content will not let you be placed on the first page.

A website not indexed – It takes time to index your site. Until you are indexed, you will not be on the first page.

SEO Services We Provide

Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization, like standard SEO services, tries to get your company in front of millions of potential clients, but in a smaller geographical region.


It’s critical for websites because organic search accounts for more than half of all website traffic. As a result, while selecting a CMS, consider the SEO tools to ensure your content appears in search results.

Technical SEO

The practise of ensuring that a website fits the technical standards of current search engines in order to increase organic ranks is known as technical SEO. Crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture are all important aspects of technical SEO.

Ecommerce SEO

Having an E-commerce site alone will not solve your online business difficulties. You must promote your website on prominent search engines. You should improve your website rating to gain internet visibility. This rating can only be improved with a consistent SEO campaign.

On Page SEO

Your online exposure is increased by on-page SEO since it raises your search engine rating. This makes it simpler for search engines to crawl and index your pages as well as for your target audience to locate your content.

Off Page SEO

Off-Page SEO” refers to all of the activities that you and others do away from your website to raise the ranking of a page with search engines which includes Backlinks, Social signals, E-A-T & more.

How much do SEO services costs?

The cost of SEO services depends on many factors. Some of the critical factors that determine SEO service costs are:

  • Brand Awareness – If you are going to start a completely new business, the SEO service costs are usually high than that for already existing brands.
  • Competition – The Service cost varies depending upon the competition within your industry.
  • Target Audience – When your business wants to target local, national, or global audience also determines the SEO Service cost.
  • Urgency – The quicker you want the service, more is the cost.
  • Location – Location of your business also determines the SEO service cost.
  • Expertise – Companies having skill in the field of SEO can demand high service costs.

What is ROI of SEO?

Every customer desires to get a good return on his investment. Similarly, businesses investing in SEO services want attractive ROI. The ROIs of SEO are:

  • Increased Traffic – Investing in SEO services help your website gain more visibility in organic search. It enables you to increase your organic traffic and hence, increase revenues.
  • Reaching the Target Audience – SEO services help you reach your target audience. SEO services help customers who are highly engaged in your brand and prefer buying your products to contact you.
  • Enhance User Experience – Improving your website and providing your customers with better user experience is another return of SEO.
  • Increasing conversion rates, reducing bounces, increasing Ad performance are among other returns of SEO investment.

Why SEO is so Important to your Business ?

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Websites Analysis

SEO Compatibility Checks

On-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization


Websites Analysis

SEO Compatibility Checks

On-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization


Websites Analysis

SEO Compatibility Checks

On-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization


Websites Analysis

SEO Compatibility Checks

On-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization


Websites Analysis

SEO Compatibility Checks

On-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) FAQs.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a series of steps that helps a webpage appear on the top results. It is an organic way of boosting your page rank and hence is essential for many companies. There are a certain number of criteria that one has to follow to rank higher in the search engine results. Once every few hours, the crawlers of the search engines crawl the entire internet to find the rankings of different websites. The algorithm based on which the website ranks are decided is still unknown. Few things, like the layout of the site, the loading time, and a few other factors, are known to affect the search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization’s factors are unknown to the public in general. Some factors affect the entire picture. Factors like plagiarism, wrong placement, and use of the crazy fonts hamper the growth of page rank to a great extent. Still, there are some known favourite ways of doing Search Engine Optimization. The crawlers of the search engines crawl throughout the entire internet and return zeros and ones based on the factors. These zeros and ones then feed to a unique algorithm that decides the rank of all the pages accordingly. The algorithms are continuously updated. Hence what worked a few years ago, may not work today.

Everything that you search on search engine websites is a keyword. These keywords help search engines to display what to show and what not to. The keywords used in articles or contents of the site make search engines aware of your goods and services. These steps also help visitors to make them aware of the services you are providing to your potential customers. The keywords are thoroughly researched. However, it is necessary to make sure that the keyword you are using is carefully used by many users, and the web pages are optimized according to it. Sometimes, even the content of the websites is also optimized according to the keywords.

Search engine optimization is the online marketing tool that drives a lot of people (traffic) for your website, from Google and other search engines. By optimizing your website, we enhance your visibility in non-paid search engines, attracting people towards your site and growing your business.

If you want to grow your business locally and across geographical borders, your website does require SEO. You may think that optimizing your website only improves your rank in the search engine. But when you see deeply, by getting listed on the first page of google, you attract more people, who can be converted to your loyal customers and leads in the future. Thus, you grow your customer base, increase your sales, and earn a good return on investment.

SEO is the only marketing tool to gain tremendous reach and popularity for your business. With the help of search engine optimization, you take your brand to the right audience and sell your products and services to them directly. You will be able to find customers from different countries and promote your business easily online. And most importantly you can do this without investing much in marketing as SEO results are free and organic results. By investing in SEO, you not only yield search engine ranks but also retain them for a long time.

SEO is a long term strategy that helps you to attain long term benefits. It helps you to gain high ranks in the search engines and helps in maintaining the rank for a long time. Thus, you achieve long term benefits as higher the rank, more are the clicks and more people are diverted to your website. People trust search engines and there are all chances that they will purchase through your website.

The cost of the SEO services depends on the type of services you adopt and the frequency at which they are billed. The cost of SEO can be somewhere between $50 to $700 per hour and from $500 to $10,000 per month.

Search Engine Optimization is the best way to promote your business. You may spend a hundred thousand dollars on promoting your business online and making gains accordingly. But with Search Engine Optimization, you will be getting traffic just by making your site beautiful. The growing importance of professional marketers and SEO experts is a vivid example of why SEO is essential. With a minimum marketing budget, the companies can get quality traffic on their websites. The conversion rate then depends on the offerings of the service provider. Search engine optimization is a must for businesses in the digital age. Without SEO, your website is just another website among million of other sites.

Search engine optimization can be broadly divided into two categories – On-page optimization and Off-page optimization. Everything you do on the page itself to boost the search engine rankings of the websites are known as On-page SEO. The On-page search engine optimization includes methods like making modifications in the HTML tags, giving proper names to the page URLs and giving names to the images in the pages. These are some of the methods used in On-page search engine optimization. By keeping the web pages by the rules of the SEO, the rankings of the pages boost dramatically.

The other part of the search engine optimization is the Off-page search engine optimization. Everything that you do outside of the website to enhance the traffic of the web pages is known as Off-page search engine optimization. The method includes tricks like backlinking and sharing your links as much possible. Off-page optimization provides for ways to spread the word as much as possible. With a proper team, one can maximize the results as much as possible. Some other methods of promoting Off-page SEO are by sharing your links on social media websites.

Blogging is part of inbound marketing. But the tool is not limited to inbound marketing only. It is a part of Search Engine Optimization too and is used extensively in both On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. With the right keywords, you can drive traffic towards your page and maintain the freshness of your web search results. While on the other hand, blogs can be shared on different websites to bring more and more traffic to the site. This technique is generally used in Off-page search engine optimization.

Backlinks play a major role in search engine optimization. These are the links websites get from other websites. The search engine considers multiple factors while crawling the data to display the search result on SERP. It is not known how much weight search engine crawler gives to the backlink, but the backlinks are important for the traffic on the website. However, the quality of backlinks is more important than the number of backlinks. You should build backlinks that are natural; it should not seem like you create the backlinks artificially. The websites in which you are giving your links should be related to your website so that it looks natural and valuable.

By link building, you can make other websites to link back to the website you own. To increase the traffic to your website, you should build links. Link building is used in SEO to ensure quality resources. By those links, the crawler gets the signal that your website is a resource worthy. It will crawl your website content accordingly. The sites which have more links rank high on SERP as the search engine crawl the data effectively for those websites. Link building is one of the most effective techniques of SEO. Additionally, you can get a huge pipeline of traffic by link building.

In this technological era, everything is online. So every business has a website of their own to reach their customers through the web. Well, having a website doesn’t need much effort, but making a strong online presence is quite a task. For making a strong online presence, search engine optimization is essential. SEO plays an important role to make your business popular online. Through SEO, your website ranking can be higher on SERP. So your customers can access your products and services in no time on the internet. A website that is optimized according to the search engine can provide you strong online presence along with a strong customer base.

It is good that the search engine crawler frequently indexes the content of your website. The ranking of your website is made as per the indexing of the contents of the website. But there are times when you don’t want some of the contents of your website to be crawled by the search engine crawler. For example, if your website has two versions, one for printing and another for browser. You do not want the crawler to index the crawler version of the page. In that case, you have to provide a restriction to the crawler to not index the print version of the page. For that, the robot.txt is used as a robots metatag.

After a website is developed, the website analysis is done to optimize the contents of the website. The website is optimized to index the content of the website by the search engine crawler. If your website is developed recently, the keyword placement is done rightly along with on-page and off-page SEO, and then you can see the result on SERP very soon. On the other hand, if the SEO of your website is not done professionally, you can’t be able to attain rank on the SERP. If search engine optimization is done professionally, you can see the result within a few weeks of the SEO of the website.

One who is technically skilled with SEO techniques and updated regarding the new search engine updates can do SEO of their website. When you own a business and a professional website, you have errands to run, many tasks to carry out. In a tight schedule, you are packed with your business tasks, but for a strong online presence, optimization of your website is necessary. In that case, you should hire a professional SEO service provider for effective results. You should hire a good digital marketing service provider for your professional website to attain a higher rank in SERP. If your website is designed for the professional purpose, you should hire someone to do your SEO.

Every business has a predefined goal associated with it. One of the most important goals of a business is to attract more people to the product or service you are dealing with. Nowadays, everything becomes online, so people are searching for the products, services, and the review of a certain product or business on the internet. Viewing the wide use of the internet, a strong online presence is utterly needed for every business. On the other hand, having a professional website is not the only thing you need to have for a strong online presence. For that, you have to hire a professional SEO service provider. The professionals will help you be visible on a good rank on SERP.

Usually, businesses have websites developed, but many businesses are ignoring the functionality of the website. In the current era of the internet, people can access almost everything on the internet. So they check on every business and their services on the internet. If the customers can’t see you when they search for the product or service you provide on the first page of search engine result, you will get ignored by them. So, professional business houses want their websites to be visible on the first page of SERP. To get the website visible on the first page, they hire professional SEO service providers. The technical professionals work on your website for optimizing the content of the websites. That resulted in a higher ranking in a few weeks.

Search engine optimization is necessary for every website that wants to be visible to internet users readily. The websites are old but due to lack of SEO, the website can’t make a strong online presence, can do their SEO for a strong presence. On the other hand, when a new website is developed, the contents of the website can be optimized according to the crawler. It is not only safe but easy to optimize a newly developed website. The website is easy to optimize content like on-page and off-page SEO. SEO service for new websites is safe and effective too.

Every business needs an SEO-friendly website to make a strong online presence. Well, only having a website is not enough to be visible in the world of the web. If you want your business website to be professional, you need to optimize the content of your website according to the search engine crawler. So, the crawler will index the content of your website. That will increase higher your ranking on SERP. By doing SEO, your website will be optimized and rank higher on the search engine result page. In this way, visitors can access your website easily on the first page of the SERP, when they search the keyword in the search engine.

SEO service is essential for your business if you want to benefit your business by making a robust online presence. There are many companies out there who provide SEO and digital marketing services. Business houses usually hire SEO companies to optimize their website on the web. We have a skilled set of professionals with us who are experienced and technically equipped. Our professionals first do your website analysis then suggest you the best-suited SEO service, which will be sufficient. Our company provides all kind of technical assistance to cater to the functional need of your business. We have a unique approach to fix your technical issues.

To gain popularity on the web, you have to attract more traffic to your website. More traffic implies to more engagement. That resulted in more leads for your business. Every individual uses the search engine to get information regarding the required things. More the traffic on the search engine more is the chances of having traffic on your website. The output of the traffic is the most crucial thing in the search engine. If there is constant traffic in the search engine, it is beneficial for your website. Your website will get more organic traffic if the traffic in search engine is enormous. So it is an essential aspect of your business.

Ads on the website are beautiful if a perfect balance is maintained between the contents of the website and the ads. There are many businesses out there which generate revenue just by selling the ads on the sites. Well, few ads on sidebars of the site are alright, but way too many advertisements on the website can affect the ranking of your website negatively. Too many ads on a website can reduce the value of the actual business content. Visitors will get reluctant if they find too many ads before reaching the actual content. So avoiding too many ads is better to maintain the rank on a search engine.

There are many reasons for a broken link on the website. The broken links redirect you to the page which appears as a 404 error page. What will happen if some changes are done on the webpage? There are many changes such as moving or renaming of the webpage and the internal linking is not edited accordingly. The broken links can affect the traffic of your website as the user can’t reach the contents they want on your website due to the broken link. Likewise, broken links are harmful to your relationship with the search engine crawler. It can reduce your rank in the search engine too. So it is better to eliminate broken links from the website.

For a high ranking on Google, good content is an important aspect. The more relevant is your content, higher is your ranking. Good quality content is the key to enabling a better user experience. And user experience is Google’s priority. This makes good content all the more important. Good content adds value to the user’s search. The content should be able to provide the user relevant and useful content. It should have the important keywords and should be comprehensive in nature. Easily understandable and unique contents help in acquiring higher rankings in Google.

SEO is a long term investment to help your business acquire a substantial online presence. Choosing the right company is essential. The first thing to look for in your SEO agency is an experience. More is the experience, and higher is the quality of service it will offer. Before locking your SEO agency, consider the case studies of different SEO companies. The case studies will help you in having an insight into the performance and works of the company. It will help you draw an idea about their expertise in the field. Having researched the above criterions, contact the shortlisted SEO companies and choose the best one among them.

However, to remain competitive, local businesses also need to increase their online presence. Doing SEO for your local business on your own can end up in a considerable loss. Now, to avoid such cases, hiring professionals in the field is a wise decision. The SEO Company will help in taking your business to the next level. Hiring SEO agencies will save you time and effort. The professionals will help in increasing the online traffic for your local market. They help in placing your website on the top list of the search engines. Hiring a good SEO company for your local business proves to be profitable.

Being in-line with the latest algorithm updates of Google is essential for your business. Being aligned with Google updates helps in effective optimization of your website. It can have positive impacts on your overall business health. Being in-line helps in increasing the visibility of your business, increase returns on investment, more search traffic, and conversion rates. Being aligned with the updated algorithms helps in providing relevant content and better user experience. To track the Google algorithms changes and stay updates as per the changes, you must hire the best SEO agencies. SEO helps you track the significant updates and be profitable.

Like every other thing in this world, rankings are also not permanent. Optimizing once will not help your business website stay in the top ranking always. With the growing competition, every business is continuously busy improving its website to acquire the top positions. Now, this means that even after being in the top rank, you need to keep optimizing your site regularly. Continuously updating your business website with unique and quality content can help you retain your position. Working on increasing the speed of your website and expanding your link can also help maintain your site rank.

When you want to search for the businesses within a particular area, local search is helpful. Local search is aimed at finding a different company within a specific geographical boundary. Local search allows you to find about the business where you can make offline transactions. Such a search usually promotes locally consumed products and services. It helps in advertising the local product to its particular audience in a specific location. Local search is useful and helpful for businesses to reach their target customers. The search engines understand the requirement of the user, and according to the location they suggest companies. Local search improves the visibility of local businesses.

Every business wants to top the search engine ranking. To make their rankings better, they keep on improving their websites. For these businesses work on link building, quality content, social media marketing, and much more. With such cut-throat competition, rankings are sure to change. Moreover, to enhance the user experience, websites keep on increasing their page speed. However, this again leads to a change in rankings. The continuous updating of Google algorithms also result in ranking change. Server issues and server overload are also responsible factors for change in search engine rankings. Changes in websites or redesigning of websites are yet another reason for the ranking change.

For hiring someone to do your SEO work, you first need to have the basic ideas about SEO. Then you need to search for people who have expertise in the field. You should search for some who is experienced in handling businesses similar to yours. You can shortlist the most suitable ones according to your need. Then you can have a comparison of each one’s works and services. Then you can select the right one for your business. You must learn about the SEO service provider with whom you will be working for the long term. Make sure you convey them your expectations well.

404 error is a widespread error that most users face daily. It is one of the most encountered error. When your browser is unable to find the given server, it displays 404 error. When a user tries to open a dead or broken link, this error appears.

The 404 error appears for the following reasons:

  • The contents of the URL or the URL itself have been deleted.
  • The contents of the URL have been moved to another URL.
  • The user has searched for a non-existing domain.
  • The URL is typed incorrectly.
  • The connection with the server of the website has broken.

Backlinks can also be named as hyperlinks. Backlinks take people from one section to another section of the web page or from one website to another. In a website, there are anchor texts and anchor images. When you click any such image or text, it takes you to another site. Backlinks connect the user with more sources of similar information that they are looking for on other websites. Inbound backlinks connect users to pages within the same website. Outbound backlinks take the user to a different website having content similar to their search. More is the backlink for your website, and higher is your ranking.

Yes here in Inflatus we design websites and help to build your site better. They help improve the quality and ranking of the website. We will help in optimizing the content of the website. We make the web page function faster. By conducting structure and content analysis, they help enhance the overall website. We can remove the site errors and optimize the Meta elements of the websites. We will ensure that your website is user-friendly and secure. We can help the websites to connect with more audience. By optimizing the site, we increase the chance of success. By making available all such services, we will help in building your website stronger.

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