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The practice of ensuring that a website fits the technical standards of current search engines in order to increase organic ranks is known as Technical SEO. Crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture are all important aspects of technical SEO, the finest material may be found on the best website.

However, what if your technical SEO is flawed? Consequently, you won’t be ranked. Google and other search engines must be able to locate, crawl, render, and index the pages on your website at the most fundamental level. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Even if Google indexes all of your site’s content, your work isn’t over. That’s because, in order for your site to be properly optimised for technical SEO, your site’s pages must be protected, mobile-friendly, devoid of duplicate content, fast-loading, and a thousand other factors.

That isn’t to argue that your Technical SEO must be flawless in order to rank. It isn’t true. However, the easier you make it for Google to find your material, the greater your chances of ranking. One of the few technical SEO tactics that can directly affect your site’s rankings is increasing pagespeed. However, having a quick-loading website doesn’t guarantee that it will rank well on Google’s first page. Backlinks are necessary for it.

Increasing your site’s loading speed might have a huge impact on your organic traffic.

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