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Why WordPress is Better than Other CMS?

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WordPress Development

We are a leading web development business adept at conceptualising digital solutions, deploying them, migrating data, integrating APIs, and developing plugins. We create WordPress websites for customers that are easy to administer and produce better business outcomes. To work on the website for your business, are you looking for a WordPress developer? We offer a comprehensive 360-degree solution for an original website design.

In addition to other business-specific demands, our WordPress website experts assist with theme and plugin development. When clients opt to hire a WordPress developer from us, they have access to flexible and affordable solutions. Use a powerful CMS to expand your business online. Countless SMEs, bloggers, and Fortune 500 corporations rely on the best WordPress development services.

Services for WordPress Development

Inflatus is one of the top WordPress development service providers whether you want to create your own unique blog website or a feature-rich, user-friendly commercial website. We have been in the WordPress development industry for more than ten years and are among the most well-known companies in the world. The ability to provide innovative web solutions employing cutting-edge WordPress innovation is a strength of our talented WordPress developers.

One of the most effective CMSs is WordPress, which offers a broad range of features to make your experience enjoyable and appealing as well as a global community to support you around-the-clock. There are several plugins that may be used to add functionalities. Inflatus provides high-end WordPress development and solutions at reasonable pricing. Take Advantage of Our Custom WordPress Development Service Right Now! We all know that WordPress is “Limitless” and provides vast potential to organisations of all sizes.

As a result, at Inflatus Technologies, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in opening the virtual world’s doors by providing a diverse selection of WordPress options that provide your target market access to the most cutting-edge digital experience.

18 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Website Development

WordPress Development Services

WordPress Development Services That Produce Results & Cover a Broad Range of Development Strategies while Promoting Further Growth

1. Development of unique WordPress plugins

WordPress plugin development company,  Inflatus has a team of skilled WordPress programmers with extensive expertise creating well-liked and financially rewarding WordPress plugin development services while also providing required functionality to make the most of your WordPress website!

2. Customizing a WordPress theme

Good design makes a good impression. But if it is well planned, it will provide results for you. We connect with your brand and assist you in making it relatable for your target audience through our WordPress theme customization services. We don’t only perform creative work.

3. Integrating themes for WordPress

You want to give your website a magical vibe by integrating a custom WordPress theme. With the aid of our WordPress Theme Integration services, you can make the process fascinating!

4. Customizing the backend of a website

Whatever your needs, Inflatus Technologies’ technical professionals work with you to take advantage of the most recent technological stack for website backend customization while maintaining the quality of the code from a WordPress website development business.

5. Services for Migration & Upgrading

Are you ready to switch from your current CMS to WordPress? Or open to updating to the most recent WordPress version? Hire the WordPress developers team at Inflatus Technologies to complete it efficiently and professionally.

6. Upkeep and Support for WordPress

Hire the best senior WordPress developers to handle your WordPress support and maintenance needs, including content updates, site optimization, taking a backup of all your website’s data, and anything else for which you don’t have time to worry about WP development!

7. Installation & Setup of WordPress CMS

Our smooth CMS installation & setup services are offered. This covers installing and configuring WordPress, designing and developing WordPress websites and blogs, configuring free and premium WordPress themes, etc.

8. Ecommerce WordPress Development

The most in-demand WordPress eCommerce development services are now available; they are called WooCommerce development. Yes! Furthermore, we provide WooCommerce development services.

9. SEO for WordPress

When advancing your website for web indexing,  Inflatus Technologies uses the greatest techniques and most recent strategies. We’ll use SEO services to try to raise the site’s rating. We look for pertinent keywords, quality material, links to other websites, and more.

10. Fixing bugs on WordPress

Our team of specialists is here to assist you with their experience for any bugs and problems pertaining to your current WordPress website. We will fix your WordPress website and make it operate properly if you hire a WordPress developer from Inflatus Technologies.

11. Solutions for Payment

In order to provide consumers from all around the world with a flawless transactional experience, we are specialists at integrating different payment channels and methods into WordPress websites. We also put in place strict security measures.

12. Construction of CMS

We specialize in streamlining and speeding up the content generation process to keep your website updated constantly. We design a website that is simple to operate and adheres to standards by utilising the advantages of WP CMS.

Why Choose Us as Your WordPress Development Company

Startups, SMBs and Large Businesses may all benefit greatly from our WordPress site development services.

Inflatus Technologies ensures the highest level of performance and quality for WordPress websites as a dependable WordPress website development business. To provide the best solutions for clients, our developers follow a variety of standards.

1. Experienced Developers

Our WordPress development team is made up of seasoned professionals that are well-versed in the software. Regardless matter how hard a job may be, our staff can do it with absolute precision.

2. Rapidly loading pages

We enhance your website’s fonts, graphics, and other elements to ensure a quicker page load time. To provide a site that loads quickly, our WordPress development services take care of everything from server configuration to website optimization.

3. Easy-to-Use Admin Panel

We design simple and intuitive admin panels for webmasters. The custom admin panel we construct with our WordPress website design service makes managing and updating websites a breeze.

4. Support & Upkeep for WordPress

We offer the best development services as a reputable WordPress development company, but we also resolve your problems. Contact us and we’ll address any issues you discover with your website.

5. Agreement preventing disclosure

In order to provide our clients comfort regarding their WordPress web development project, we are willing to sign an NDA since we respect their privacy and confidentiality. The way we create is extremely secure and safe.

6. Websites that are SEO Optimised

While coding your WordPress website, our professionals follow the newest recommendations. We also take care of additional website features and carry out required optimization to make sure that your website is search engine friendly.

7. Extensive Testing Procedure

Every finished product we give is thoroughly tested to ensure that there are no bugs. We evaluate the website on current web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and others to ensure cross-browser compatibility.

8. Reliable Methodologies

We have a wealth of expertise in providing WordPress website building services, and we’ve tried a lot of tested approaches over that time. For our clients, we provide cutting-edge solutions.

9. Absolute Excellence

Inflatus Technologies ensures the highest level of performance and quality for WordPress websites as a dependable WordPress website development business. To provide the best solutions for clients, our developers follow a variety of standards.

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