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Affordable Website Maintenance Service

Our website maintenance services that at affordable prices, we will always serve to your specific needs and offer 100% satisfaction. Website maintenance refers to the tasks required to keep your website functioning properly and up to date. It involves regularly checking your website for issues, correcting any issues, and making updates.

Why You should go with our web maintenance services

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It is important to keep your site content data, files, videos and images with fresh content and up to date with plug-in. This helps to keep your site visitors informed and engaged about your dedication about today’s technologies.

6 Reasons Why Website Maintenance is Necessary for your Business?

What does website maintenance include?

Testing your whole website annually

Test your whole website at least once a year and after making updates. Check that all features work, look for broken links, and watch for outdated or incorrect information. Bring in someone not associated with your company to get a fresh perspective on your site’s usability.

Reviewing key metrics weekly

Using tools like Google Analytics, review your website’s performance at least once a week. Check your key performance indicators (KPIs)and make sure your site is helping you meet your goals. If it’s not, make updates and check whether they improved your site’s performance the next time you review your key metrics.

Testing forms and checkout process

At least once a quarter, make sure all your forms and your checkout process are working properly.

Testing browser compatibility

Test whether your website works correctly in several versions of mainstream browsers at least once a year.

Checking for Software Updates

Check for software updates from your hosting provider, security provider, and other third parties monthly.

Backing up your Website

Backing up your website can save you from losing a huge amount of time and money if something goes wrong with your site. If you have an automatic backup feature, check that it’s working each month.

Website Maintenance FAQs.

We offer everything from simple content updates to more advanced image, site & web page management and Plug-in updates that based on what your budget and site needs.

It depends on the amount of changes requests we have received. With receiving the change requests, we will confirm the turnaround time. Usually all changes are completed with 24 business hours.

Frequent communication – Our support team is accessible via whatsapp messenger and Email.

We cover all major CMS like WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Open cart, and Custom CMS etc

Yes. Sometimes we can’t perform a website maintenance request. This could be due to the technology and language your website was built in or may be service providers (Server) hurdles. Although we will give our best.

If any of the services you require is not mentioned under Website maintenance service list, please feel free to contact us.

We cover all possible changes you will require help with. We have maintained services list for your reference.

We cover all possible changes you will require help with. We have maintained services list for your reference.

We will be glad to make any changes to your website as required. So we will submit customized quote based on the changes required & start upon approval. All changes will be handled as a separate project.

As our packages are on the monthly recurring basis, the number of unused hours will not be carried forward to the next month.

No, single site maintenance will be included in the single plan.

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