Dual Channel Video Conferencing

Incredible Two-way Video Conferencing Benefits

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Dual Channel Video Conferencing

Live content has now become the largest asset for organisations and brands thanks to the use of on-demand live streaming and social media streaming. Various choices including Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and Instagram Live are causing waves, whether it’s a formal video conference or a frequent virtual teleconference. Another method for facilitating online mass broadcasting and communication is the use of 2-way webcasting services.

People utilise remote video conferencing for both personal and professional reasons all over the world, but broadcasting it live to a large audience is more effective overall. Therefore, 2-way webcasting technologies are preferable than overused conventional methods for data broadcasting in large quantities.

Determine the proper quality for your two-way video conference

You have three distinct manufacturing quality categories to pick from thanks to Inflatus Technologies. You may get a flawless online session that meets the requirements of your company with the aid of these unique varieties.

A thriving output

With Inflatus Technologies’ extensive production option, you have access to specialised elements like the background music, various frames, brand logos, catchy sound effects, and much more.

Producing generic

With the generic production facility that Inflatus Technologies provides, you are enabled by removing pointless obstacles. This enables businesses to easily host a flawless 2-way live streaming and webcasting session.

Production of Hybrids

You can offer an engaging live broadcast with the aid of Inflatus Technologies. This is so because you may combine both the virtual and physical parts in one place.

How We Can Make Your Two-Way Video Conference Effective & Successful

Through an exciting two-way live streaming and webcasting session, Inflatus Technologies assists you in reaching your desired audience. As a result, businesses may quickly attract more customers.

Concurrent Multi Platform Streaming

Your live broadcasts may be hosted concurrently on many platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. On all of these sites, your live stream will be broadcasting simultaneously which increases audience participation and draw larger audiences .

Active Analytics

You may get precise information on the many elements of your live broadcast & stay up to the trending statistics to grow further thanks to Inflatus Technologies.

Solutions that are Inexpensive yet Powerful

Do not worry if your organisation is on a tight budget, we offer to transfer all of our comprehensive production capabilities on the platform of your choosing. We guarantee complete satisfaction on high-quality video production for your audience.

Maximum Format Variations

We provide maximum comfort  to our clients as we provide streaming of many kinds of entertainment, which explains why static, in-between videos or the actual videos themselves can all be used.

The Advantages of Two-Way Webcasting Systems

Everybody wants a website or online application that works efficiently, safely and with the greatest amount of client happiness, this is where Laravel-based websites and online applications can shape up optimally. 

1. Live from a variety of locales

2-way webcasting services enable you to link numerous sites at the same time, whether they are nearby or on a worldwide scale. Geographical constraints have been overcome via two-way webcasting technologies. Despite being in separate places, your viewers may watch the video live.

2. Very useful in the business world

Businesses may now organise virtual conferences and meetings with external clients and stakeholders all around the world thanks to 2-way webcasting systems. With two-way webcasting, virtual video conferencing has become even more powerful and dynamic. Video conference sessions are also utilised to connect offices in distant places and for formal occasions. All are made easier by the top virtual conference solutions for 2-way corporate webcasting.

3. Reaches a large number of individuals at once

Two-way webcasting may reach a large audience rather than just a select few—up to 100 individuals at once. This offers a lot of versatility in use because it can accommodate both smaller and larger groups, depending on your need.

4. Reduces the need for time and energy

You can spend far less time and energy using remote video conferencing than you would with other broadcasting techniques. By streaming your content live from your chosen location, you may organise a virtual video conference as one approach to do this.

Host Two-Way Video Conferencing With Inflatus Technologies in a Completely Engaging Setting

You can easily hold interactive, two-way live broadcasts and organise events like video conferences in your company with our dedicated team.

Two-way live streaming is a type of virtual meeting that takes place on several social media channels. It enables remote participants to participate from the convenience of their homes. Organizations may benefit from a compelling live broadcast thanks to 2-way live streaming solutions from Inflatus Technologies. You have the option to select from a huge selection of features and tools.

Two-Way Video Conferencing Service Features

Safety & Privacy

We are committed to delivering our clients’ live videos in a completely safe manner. With absolute security and safety, have virtual or video conference sessions anywhere in the globe. Your privacy is unaffected since we have your live webcasting data in good hands.


With a live 2-way webcast, you may obtain customised website landing links, a bespoke logo for your wall, and digital shoutouts on social media to broaden the audience for your live stream.


By making it simple to monetize live streaming videos, we guarantee complete transparency and high-quality video production for your audience.

Multi Device Support

Whether you choose to live broadcast on desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, PCs, or any other device, our 2-way webcasting services are adaptive and flexible to suit any format.

Continuous Streaming

We provide you a fluid and trouble-free virtual video conferencing experience with no restrictions on the number of hours of live video you may broadcast or the information you can share.

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