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Over 455 million websites were created with WordPress as of 2022. It goes without saying that it is one of the most in-demand content management systems available. WordPress is popular for numerous reasons, including the fact that it is simple to use, safe, economical, configurable, scalable, and a lot more. However, it’s possible that WordPress’ high SEO friendliness is the main factor in why most companies use it. With the correct WordPress SEO services in India, you can quickly get your website to the top of the search results thanks to the CMS’s wealth of effective capabilities for properly optimising a site.

There is a widespread assumption that merely constructing a website using WordPress would take care of SEO. Many individuals also feel that if their website is based on WordPress, they do not require a robust SEO plan. While it is true that this CMS is wonderful for SEO and allows you to quickly adhere to SEO best practices, you should be aware that positioning a website at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) requires a deliberate approach and much work. This is where WordPress SEO services come into play.

Your CMS selection won’t have the anticipated good effect on your website’s ranking if it has major technical problems that prohibit it from being crawled or indexed, such as a lot of bugs. WordPress is not a magic wand that will help your website soar in the search engine results. The beauty of WordPress, however, is in its ability to make SEO simple and accessible to individuals who may not necessarily possess the necessary technical knowledge.


Here are a few typical WordPress SEO services you might anticipate:

When you employ Inflatus’s SEO services in India, the first thing our marketers do is do a full technical assessment of your site. We examine each technological component that might influence how search engines evaluate each page of the website. A technical audit can assist in determining three essential features of the site:

Indexability: indexability Do the website pages get indexed in search engines like Google and Bing?

Crawlability: Can search engine crawlers discover and access all of your site’s content?

User satisfaction: Are your website’s visitors pleased with its performance? Is the site quick to load? Is it compatible with all devices?

Technical audits: It includes code analysis, diagnostic testing, and website crawling which are an essential component of WordPress SEO. A thorough audit may identify a number of problems that need to be corrected. The organisation can evaluate the findings and rank the tasks in order of significance or urgency.

Keyword strategy and research: Researching keywords is sometimes referred to as keyword optimization, and it is an important first step in any SEO effort. As a result, it needs to be covered by WordPress SEO services. It entails doing research, evaluating, and finally choosing the finest keywords that will be targeted to direct search engine traffic to your website. The effectiveness of your website’s SEO depends on selecting and optimising the appropriate keywords.

On-page and off-page optimization: On-page optimization entails improving the user experience and ranking of each page of your website. Marketers concentrate on factors like internal links, URL optimization, title tags, HTML code, content, UX, and pictures when performing on-page SEO. To help your website rank highly on Google and other search engines, on-page SEO is crucial.

The variables outside of your website that might impact your results are referred to as “off-page SEO.” The quantity and calibre of backlinks, GMB (Google My Business) optimization, review site optimization, reputation management, social media management, etc. are some of these aspects. Off-page SEO may increase the value of your website’s exceptional content and drive additional high-quality visitors there.


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