Web Hosting

Why web hosting is important?

Web Hosting

A reputable web host makes certain that your website functions smoothly and does not buckle under heavy load

The link between the outside world and your website is hosting. Your website has to be online before you publish your first blog entry, share your first photo, or sell your first item. You may upload the files for your website to the internet using a service called web hosting. Therefore, your website is available to anybody with internet connection. Typically, it alludes to the support you receive from a web hosting company in real life.

Although you could potentially run a real server for your website at home, there are several advantages to using a web hosting service provider.

How is web hosting carried out?

Businesses like ours lease out services and tools to host your websites on the internet. Your website is available on the internet once you’ve selected your domain name and signed up for a hosting package.

When you utilise our web hosting services, we are in charge of ensuring that your server is online and operational. In addition, the responsibility includes safeguarding your data and putting all of your files, assets, and databases on the server.

We provide a wide range of additional services to improve and safeguard your website if you pick Inflatus Technologies to host it.

How much does hosting a website cost?

The price of hosting your website depends on the provider. Although technically possible, we do advise against using a free site hosting provider.

Free Vs. Paid Web Hosting

By choosing free hosting, you run the risk of running into issues like intrusive advertising on your page and their domain name in your URL. The content of your website is completely within your control if you pay for web hosting. There are a number of factors to consider before selecting commercial web hosting versus free web hosting

Disk Space and Bandwidth

Free web hosting will only provide its users with a little amount of disc space and a low bandwidth. Traffic and storage space might be infinite with paid web hosting.

Limits on the Content

The quantity of photographs and media you may post is restricted with free hosting in contrast to commercial web hosting.

Server Speed

Free web hosting servers sometimes overflow, so you might have to wait through a few hours of planned outage. High-speed drives with uptime guarantees are available from paid hosting companies.

Lapses in Security

The security level is typically substantially greater with paid web hosting. Your chance of experiencing a security breach is increased if you use a free web server. Consequently, your customer’s credit card details and other data are vulnerable to theft.

URL and Domain

You will receive a domain name from free hosting providers that includes their name in the URL. You may select your domain name and have a personalised URL when you utilise premium hosting services.

Things you should know before buying Web Hosting

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